AMP Project

AMP Project

Project Description

The AMP project has been an extremely fun assignment to work on. In my time working with Google, as a client, we have collaborated on two brand evolutions with the project, with a third on the horizon.
AMP is a simple and robust format to ensure your website is fast, user-first, and makes money. Our responsibility with the client has been to design and handle all of their email campaigns, including event promotion announcements.
In our early stages of AMP, our team would partner with them to determine exactly which communication was key to communicating to their audience. We would then filter the information into consumable parts and help make it more visually understandable.

Project Details



Creative Direction

Jeremy Hainline, Lisa Patrizio

Art Direction

Marwan Salfiti, Matt Alvar


Design, Email, Layout, Sketch

Early Design

In our earlier work with Google, we designed much of the work to work in line with their branding look and feel. The early designs were created for both desktop and mobile campaigns. The design and layouts were very similar, only varying for screen size and readability.

AMP Newsletter, Desktop
AMP Newsletter, Mobile

The Redesign

For the redesign, Google supplied our team with their newly branded colors, illustrative elements and fonts. From, their, our team partnered with Google to create a new design and layout template for all email campaigns moving forward.

AMP Style Guidelines

New Template Design

The new design template is streamlined to reflect the client’s updated look and feel which allows us to focus on content development and strategy with the client.

AMP Desktop email redesign
AMP mobile email redesign