Google Assistant Nest Mini Onboarding

Bonita Taqueria Y Rotisserie

Project Description

With Google Assistant, the client is very large, branded heavily and very well-established. Just recently, the client wanted start a new series of email campaigns with the desire to do something new, fresh and different. This translated to approaching each and every email send with them as if though it was a new project, new design and new client.
There were a few ground rules though, the look and feel still needs to be owned by Google’s visual identity and brand. We still need to design within Google’s design brand guidelines and overall palettes and visual identity.
The strict parameters could be daunting, but each campaign brings its own unique challenges and overall excitement. The result is a unique challenge in thought process, problem solving skills and new approach to educating the consumer base in a fresh and new way, while still heavily leaning into the Google brand.
For this particular design, I decided to lead the design off with a larger point size for the headline. This sets off a bold statement visually branded to the Google Voice brand. This is supported by the subhead copy and illustration. For the example Google Assistant queries, we broke the queries out of their standard graphic treatment, usually set in a bubble container. The end result is a much more bold and simple message and layout.

Project Details

Client Google Assistant

Skills Design, Illustration

Hero Module Alternates