Google Customer User Journey Experiment

Bonita Taqueria Y Rotisserie

Project Description

They say if you’re not growing, you’re dying, right?! Well, the same goes with cutting edge brands of today, they are constantly needed to change, grow and adapt in order to keep up with their audience’s appeal.

This is the very idea behind Google’s experimentation requests. They asked our agency to come up with new ideas, fresh perspective and different approaches to organize, design and develop their content. They then wanted to use these new experimental designs to test with their segmented audiences in order to determine which designs and features tested better against others.

The process taken to approach these designs is to align with Google’s brand and style guidelines, but to also ignore them and set in on a new and unique path. The following are the three final options.

Project Details

Client Google Assistant

Skills Design, Illustration

Google Customer User Journey
Google Customer User Journey
Google Customer User Journey