Cedarlane Natural Foods

Cedarlane Natural Foods

Project Description

Cedarlane Foods approached me to create several packaging projects for their subsidiary companies. In my first engagement with Cedarlane, I was approached by them to design brand new packaging for their new product offering. The long-established maker of vegetarian products was now producing chicken dishes and wanted to break out of their old look. So, naturally, I designed a look and feel for them that was a completely new and different take on their conventional look.

One of Cedarlane’s sister companies, Frankly Fresh, was developing several fresh and unique salsas. All they supplied me with were the the list of fresh ingredients of each salsa. It was up to me to create everything else, from naming, to design, to presentation and more. Read more about this project here.

The FruitBar was another project headed by the people of Cedarlane. Again, they had a batch of ingredients and small description for their new health food bar. This was a product the client was very passionate about, it was real food, no junk, no preservatives, etc. They were looking for me to help them shape how their product would be presented to customers and develop a brand. With three different flavor offerings, the goal was to create a distinct look which would differ only in color and ingredients in to maintain visual consistency.

Project Details


Cedarlane Natural Foods


Branding, Creative Direction, Identity, Packaging, Strategy