Facebook: Pages vs Groups

by | Nov 10, 2010 | Marketing

There comes a time for every person where they think to themselves, “I think I am going to sign up for Facebook. I have been hearing so much stuff about it and I want to know what it is.” Let’s face it, we were all there at one point, whether you signed up for it during it’s start-up “indie” days or added your self to the escalating number of over 600 million users just last week. Bottom line, you’ve entered into the social media world. Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you! Whether you are new to it, a daily user, a business, a stalker or abuser (that’s a whole other article!), you’ve now entered into a whole new world of communication.

That’s the whole point right? Right! And if you are familiar to Facebook, then you would know that people are not shy about asking you to “become a fan” or “join a group”. I do it myself. In fact you can become a fan of my company page at http://www.Facbook.com/BrandWellCreative. But have you ever found yourself wondering, what the hell is the difference between a page and a group?

Until recently, there really was no difference. Groups were the trend and everyone was using them. That is, until Facebook updated there structure and allowed people to use them for personal brands, corporate companies, etc. as well as providing vanity URLs, a url ending with a custom name, e.g. www.Facebook.com/UserName. So what really is the difference between the two and how can they impact you if you want people to know who you are? My focus here is simply to advise you on how to use Facebook as just one more platform to advertise your business, product, service, etc.

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